By George Balanchine
Premiered by les Grands Ballets in May 2001
Repeated in 2004, 2008
Photos credits
A choice morsel from the Balanchine repertory
Episodes grew out of Balanchine’s enthusiasm for Webern’s music, to which he had been introduced by Stravinsky. Balanchine wrote that “Webern’s orchestral music fills air like molecules; it is written for atmosphere.  The first time I heard it,... Read more
Creation of a joint work
Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein invited Martha Graham to choreograph a joint work with Balanchine using all of Webern’s orchestral pieces. The result was no true collaboration, but a work comprised of two separate sections. Graham’s contribution,... Read more
The music
Anton von Webern (1883-1945), an Austrian, was part of the neoclassical movement in music. He was a musical scholar who adopted and extended Schoenberg’s twelve-tone method of composing music, which meant basing a composition on a “series” made up... Read more
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