The Moon Princess
By Jiří Kylián
Photos credits
Kaguyahime, The Moon

Kaguyahime, or Princess Kaguya, is the protagonist of a 10th-century Japanese folk tale that has inspired countless films, books, plays, cartoons, mangas and video games. It is also the title of a work by Japanese composer Maki Ishii, for which he asked

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Flashmob - September 29
Vox Pop - Kaguyahime
Jiří Kylián
A master of European neoclassical dance, Jiˇrí Kylián has created over one hundred choreographies, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources while constantly reinventing his vocabulary. Born in Prague in 1947, he studied at the Prague... Read more
Maki Ishii and his music
Maki Ishii (1936-2003) is a Japanese composer of contemporary classical music. In 1984, he created the Kaguyahime suite for traditional Japanese drums (played by Kodo) and Western percussion. In Jiří Kylián’s ballet, the piece also includes a Gagaku... Read more
In Japanese, “kodo” can mean both “heartbeat” and “children of the drum.” Founded in 1981, Kodo set itself the mission of not only preserving, but of reinterpreting a traditional Japanese art form with diverse types of drums, including the... Read more
Gagaku, Court Music of Japan

Gagaku means “elegant, refined music”. Citharas, lutes, percussion, flutes and a traditional mouth organ made of bamboo stalks known as the sho are part of its ancestral appeal. Emerging in Japan in the 6th century, Gagaku is associated with the

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