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Training in dance therapy

Amy Éloïse Mailloux
Assistant to the director
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The NYC 92Y Harkness Dance Center’s “Alternate Route” training program is offered in Montreal by Les Grands Ballets’ National Centre for Dance Therapy since the fall of 2013. This program, developed by Dr. Miriam Roskin Berger and the Harkness DMT Faculty, extends over 405 hours, comprising three intensive sessions of three weeks each. This course is recognized by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) as an academic prerequisite for obtaining R-DMT (Registered Dance/Movement Therapist) accreditation. TRAINING IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH The goal of the National Centre for Dance Therapy is to build a faculty that will be able to offer the full training program in French and English, beginning with its second group of students. For the first group of students starting in July 2014, however, classes will be taught in either English or French, depending on the teachers giving the courses. These teachers are part of the NYC 92Y Harkness Dance Center’s academic staff, and come from various countries in Europe and North America. Students will have the option of submitting their assignments in French or English. PREREQUISITES FOR THE “ALTERNATE ROUTE” PROGRAM Priority will be given to candidates who hold a Masters degree or who are enrolled in a Masters program. This requirement is to ensure that students taking the “Alternate Route” training will subsequently be able to meet the ADTA criteria for R-DMT accreditation.


The second session of workshops and auditions in dance and movement therapy will open in fall 2015. The introduction to dance therapy, which is highly recommended, will allow candidates to understand the nature of dance therapy, and to determine whether the “Alternate Route” training program is suited to them. For those wishing to enrol in the training program, an audition will be held at the end of each day of the introductory session. This audition will evaluate the candidate’s experience in movement and improvisation in an individual and group context. At the end of this stage, a maximum of twenty students will be accepted.

 The National Centre for Dance Therapy will provide the intensive “Alternate Route” training in three 135-hour sessions, each lasting three weeks, in July 2014, February 2015 and Summer 2015. These sessions will provide students with the additional training required by the ADTA. This includes:
  • 270 hours of training by accredited dance/movement therapy professionals (BC-DMT);
  • 90 hours of observation and movement analysis;
  • 45 hours of group dance/movement therapy.

 The fees for this course are $1,500 per session, for a total amount of $4,500 for 405 hours of training. Between $250 and $300 should also be foreseen for the purchase of educational materials.
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