The team


Alain Dancyger
Executive Director
Gradimir Pankov
Artistic Director

Artistic Team

Ivan Cavallari
Artistic Advisor
Pierre Lapointe
Ballet Master
Steve Coutereel
Ballet Master
Marisa Pauloni
Assistant to the Artistic Director
Patricia Gelinas
Artistic Coordinator
Estella Gimpilevich


Stéphan Pépin
Production Director
Jean-François Tremblay
Technical Director
Gabrielle Lemoine-Brin
Stage Manager
Mélanie Ferrero
Head of Wardrobe
Stéf-Anne Lagacé
Head of Wardrobe Assistant
Roger Harvey
Costume Cutter
Mireille Tremblay
Costume Cutter

Touring and guest companies

Corinne Jozsef
Director, Touring and Guest Companies
Cynthia Bouchard-Gosselin
Coordinator, Touring and Guest Companies


Olivier Le Galliard
Director, Marketing, Communications and Sales
Marie-Laurence Cloutier
Marketing and Avertising Manager
Sheila Skaiem
Public Relations Manager
Amélie Lapointe
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Patrick Pleau
Multimedia Specialist
Marlene Thibodeau
Manager, Box Office and Customer Service
Marie-Joëlle Bedard
Subscription Campaign Team Manager


Elise Charbonneau
Director, Events and Fundraising
Camille Le Bihan (congé de maternité)
Project Manager, Events and Sponsorship
OLIVIA WOERLY (remplacement congé maternité)
Project Manager, Events and Sponsorship
Anne-Catherine Rioux
Advisor, donations and fundations
Josée Kleinbaum
Project Manager, The Nutcracker Market
Rebecca Lowson
Coordinator and Executive Assistant, Fundraising


Claudine Guérin
Christine Krebs
Director, Finance and Administrative
Vincent Mazrou
Human Resources Manager
Christian Sénéchal
Director, National Center of Dance Therapy
Amy Éloïse Mailloux
Assistant to the director, National Centre for Dance Therapy
Véronique Anger
Assistant to the Executive Director and Assistant to the Artistic Advisor
Martine Labelle
César Reynel Aguilera
Suzanne Lamanque