Espace Danse Québec


Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal are planning to move into the Espace Dance Québec in Summer 2016.


The Grands Ballets building will be constructed on the vacant lot between the Blumenthal Building (home to the Montreal International Jazz Festival) and the Wilder Building. One side will face west, onto Bleury Street, across from the Imperial Cinema, and another east, overlooking the Place des Festivals of the Quartier des spectacles.

Above all, the new building will meet the artistic needs of Les Grands Ballets, which have been confined to the second floor of a former garage on Rivard Street since 1980. The new dance studios, built to international standards, will improve rehearsal conditions for the dancers, while the production studio devoted entirely to creation will allow the company to pursue its innovative path. Performances will continue to take place at Place des Arts but the logistics will be simplified, given the proximity of the rehearsal and production spaces.

“As we wish to continue enhancing our reputation nationally and internationally, and to guarantee the best possible conditions for our dancers, the new home of Les Grands Ballets will undoubtedly stimulate the creativity of our artists and inspire the choreographers we work with,” adds Gradimir Pankov, Artistic Director of Les Grands Ballets.


The new spaces will include facilities for strength training, physiotherapy and relaxation, essential to the dancers’ well-being and professional growth. This relocation is also an opportunity for the company to broaden its vision and increase its impact and influence. The new studios, moreover, will enable the new National Centre for Dance Therapy, launched in April 2013, to develop in close collaboration with the community.


Les Grands Ballets are delighted with the support of the provincial and federal governments, confident that its new studios will further enhance Montreal’s reputation as an international hub for creativity and innovation in dance. By moving to a larger and more accessible site, Les Grands Ballets will be better able to spotlight the skills of the dance sector (creation, presentation, promotion, training, education and research) and its protagonists (dancers, choreographers, producers, presenters and partners).

This strategic site will be named Espace Danse Québec; in addition to Les Grands Ballets, it will house Agora de la Danse, Tangente and the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Relying on its extensive expertise and knowledge, Les Grands Ballets decided to join forces with these three organizations to form a superior hub for dance, open to the community and in support of the discipline. To complete the project’s funding, these four organizations are working jointly on a private fundraising campaign of $12 million. Once Espace Danse Québec is integrated into Place des Festivals, it will serve as an invaluable springboard for both local and international artists, reinforcing Montreal’s position as a showcase for dance worldwide.


The relocation of Les Grands Ballets to the vibrant Quartier des spectacles is the result of a long process that involved considerable reflection and the collaboration of several institutions and individuals. The company extends its warmest thanks to the Government of Quebec; the Government of Canada; the Société québecoise des infrastructures (SQI), which will assume the project’s management; TD Bank Group, which generously donated land valued at $450,000; architect Michel Lapointe from Lapointe, Magne et associés; Ædifica Architecture and Design; Mrs. Constance Pathy, Chair of the Board of Directors; members of Les Grands Ballets’ Board of Directors; the company’s special projects committee; all members of its permanent staff; and lastly, all donors and sponsors, for their support, trust and generosity.