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Where can I purchase a video/DVD of one of your shows ?

Unfortunately Les Grands Ballets has no videotaped material for sale at the present time however several of our ballets, danced by other companies, can be found for sale in the larger bookstores. Also, for a glimpse of what is being performed in the present season, we invite you to view the video excerpts that can be found on the show pages in the “Photos & Videos” section.

Do you offer reduced-price tickets for students ?

This season, we launched the "Je me pointe!" card for 30 years old and under. Please consult the Tickets section of the website.

How can I get in touch with a dancer from your company ?

You may include your comments/questions in the space provided on the contact/info page. We will be happy to forward it to the dancer in question however please note that although our dancers will answer you if they are able to, we cannot guarantee their reply.

I would like to send my son/daughter to a dance school / I am a girl/boy who wants to take dance classes. Do you have a dance school? Do you offer summer camps ?

Unlike a school we do not offer classes or camps as we are a dance company. Although we have no school there is a well-known establishment in our building, L’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. They can be contacted at 514 849-4929 or by visiting for further information.

How can I audition for the company ?

Simply look under the heading “Contact us” page, where you will find all the necessary information including the date and place of the audition and the prerequisites.

How can I audition for The Nutcracker ?

All the necessary information (roles, age, sex, height, procedures and rehearsals) is available as of June. Please read the press release to get them.