First soloist

Photo : John Hall

Valentine Legat

Uccle, Belgium
"Performing is to forget the present and to make the audience, young and old, forget it as well. During these moments outside reality, they are free to dream, share emotions, sensations, and energy, and to be utterly transported."

1993-2005 Centre international de danse Lilian Lartelier/ École de ballet Marly, Brussels 2005-2007 Royal Ballet School, Antwerp (Kimmy Lauwens, director)


2007-2010 Vanemuine Theatre (Mare Tommingas, artistic director), Tartu, Estonia, corps de ballet 2010 Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal


Valentine Legat has performed as a soloist in works by Pär Isberg (The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty) and Oksana Titova (Peter Pan). Since arriving at Les Grands Ballets, Valentine performed the following roles: the Sugar Plum Fairy in "The Nutcracker", Dreamer in "Dream Away" and Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty".


2004 et 2006 Chausson d'argent, Concours international Chausson d'or, Paris